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Bringing clarity to caregiving

Helpful simplifies family caregiving by combining your loved one's insurance benefits and medical records into one user-friendly platform while enhancing your caregiving skills.

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Free for caregivers whose loved one have Medicare Parts A & B, Medigap and

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Everything you need is all in one place

Caring for an aging parent or spouse can be challenging and overwhelming at times.
Fortunately, Helpful is here to support you in this journey.

We offer a personalized caregiving tool to meet you and your loved one’s needs to save you both time and money. No manual input needed.

You're in good hands.

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Reviewing your loved one's after visit summaries and care team

Helpful makes it so you never miss information from your loved one’s appointments. We provide you with after visit summaries so you stay up-to-date with their care and understand what to do next.

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Understanding your loved one's benefits

By simply logging in and selecting your loved one's insurance provider, their benefits are automatically displayed in an accessible and easy-to-understand format.

Helpful clarifies the types of services covered, deductibles, co-pays associated with medical care, resources to support and assist with care and how to receive your benefits.

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Organizing your loved one's medications

Managing your loved one's medications and allergies can be made easier with Helpful. Pulling all your loved one's medications and allergies into one place, making them quickly accessible to eliminate paperwork, multiple logins, and spreadsheets.

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Have a hand in your loved one's care

3 easy steps to get started. Sign-up is less than 1 min. We are here to be Helpful!

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Select your loved one's insurance

Select your loved one’s insurance to get insights into their benefits. Helpful is only available for select insurances today but we will be adding more in the future.

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Tell us about your loved one

Gain access to trusted resources, articles, tips and checklists that pertain to their care. Helpful uses this information to personalize your experience.

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Connect medical records

Connect your loved one’s electronic medical records and receive access to medication information and after visit summaries.

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Your guide to caregiving

We know you're doing a tremendous job caring for your loved one, and understand your time is limited. Our guides offers trusted content written by seasoned nurses that are concise and easy to understand. Whether this is your first time caring for a loved one or you have been caring for loved ones for years,

Helpful is here to guide you on the caregiving journey.

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