COPD Care and Monitoring Questions

Use this list to help prepare questions for the provider about COPD care and monitoring. This will help you make the most of the appointment.

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If your loved one has been diagnosed with chronic pulmonary obstructive disease (COPD), it’s likely that you both will have a lot of questions. Your first resource should be the healthcare team, as they can help navigate any confusion or uncertainty. Asking the most relevant questions will help you know what to anticipate and how to take action.

Use this list to help prepare questions for the provider ahead of time. This will help you make the most of your loved one's next appointment.

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Care & Monitoring

  • How will me and my loved one know if they are having a symptom flare, exacerbation, or their COPD is getting worse?
  • What should I do when my loved one feels like they are not breathing well enough?
  • How can respiratory infections be prevented?
  • Should my loved one continue to take COPD medications if they have a cold or other respiratory infection?
  • Who should I call if my loved one gets worse, and do I have all the contact numbers I need in case of an emergency?

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