Take Care of Yourself, Prepare Yourself: Crucial Conversations

Have crucial conversations about future planning, including difficult subjects like disability and death.

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Gaining a deeper insight into your loved one’s needs, wants, and expectations must include a discussion about end-of-life issues. Even those who have “lived a good life” and don’t fear death may have trouble talking about it. You may have trouble talking about it, as well. But finding a way to approach it is necessary, and oftentimes approaching it just very matter of factly is best. Anticipate decisions that need to be made in the event of disability or dying/death and start making as many as are reasonable now.

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Helpful simplifies family caregiving by combining your loved one's insurance benefits and medical records into one user-friendly platform while enhancing your caregiving skills.

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There are professionals available for consultation who can introduce the topics that should be covered and moderate the discussion, such as elder attorneys and certified life planners or senior advisors. Your loved one’s healthcare team can also help with some of it.

  • Should your loved one become incapacitated, who do they want making decisions for them?
  • In the event of a major health crisis, what treatments do they want? Which don’t they want? Do they want resuscitation, ventilatory support, tube or IV feedings?
  • Should your loved one become physically and/or mentally disabled, what kind of help do they want and when? Do they want in-home care - intermittent or 24/ 7? Do they want to move to a facility? Do they want to move in with you?
  • In the event of a life-limiting condition, are they interested in palliative care? Are they interested in hospice care?
  • Upon death, what are their preferences? Who do they want handling their final disposition (likely a church or mortuary)? Do they want to be buried? Where? Do they want to be cremated? What do they want done with the ashes? Do they want a funeral service? Do they want to consider making and paying for these arrangements now?
  • Upon death, what do they want to do with their home, money, assets, belongings?

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Helpful is an app to make caregiving easier. We integrate your loved one’s insurance benefits, medical records and caregiving guides into an immediate, accessible and user-friendly experience. Helpful supports your care needs by eliminating administrative tasks and providing technology to support your caregiving experience.

When you sign up with Helpful, our guides will equip you with caregiving content, tips, and checklists that assist with caring for your loved one.

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